Friday, January 4, 2019

Rusty Barn Gold

I was going to just put these photos up on Facebook. However, someone commented that there is a blog and this could be a post! This is just a simple collection of snapshots I have taken of items found in the two barns or out on the property. There are some other items laying around that I haven't taken photos of.  Perhaps not as interesting, at least to me, or just didn't remember to take the picture. Also, some is probably "modern" or just trash in our minds. We are certain that more will be found as we explore.  Especially, once we get around to really sprucing up the barns.  I added short comments to each of the photos for a description. I certainly do not know everything about the items found.  We welcome comments or any information/knowledge you might have to share!

Large square bolt and nut in with a pile of wood behind a barn.

These were found in the loft of the grain barn. I plan  to clean them up, reshape, and put handles back on them at some point. 

There are a couple of these "repairs" of small holes in the grain barn. 

Box of random items in the large barn. Mostly old electric fence porcelain insulators. 

Hook and eye latch keeping a hatch closed in the grain barn. Perhaps hand forged? 

Mirror found in a barn. Assume it did go on top of a dresser. It is upside down still in this photo. 

Several old doors from the house that are stored in one of the barns. 

One of the two lightning rods on the grain barn. 

A couple of door rollers and a set of black porcelain door knobs. The door knobs I came across in piles of debris. 

This was found laying in tall grass behind a barn. I am not completely sure what it once was or was part of. 

Ice tongs and large pulley hanging in the larger barn.

Bin of old tools, mostly square wrenches, found in the grain barn. A planter (corn?) of some sort on the right. 

Large wrench of some type. Not really sure about this one. 

This photo didn't turn out well with the sun shining through the door. A old yoke harness hanging up in the grain barn. 

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